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Changing the Culture


Changing the culture of the LGBT sector by insisting that LGBT organizations embrace equity, inclusion, justice and diversity initiatives, in particular by recruiting and hiring people of color for their Boards and their leadership staff. This effort will use a similar blueprint to Green 2.0, a successful initiative we lead dedicated to increasing racial diversity across mainstream environmental NGOs, foundations, and government agencies.

Women & Sexual Assault

Exploring the persistent threat of harassment, assault, and rape for forced and low-wage laborers throughout American history. From slavery to Jim Crow to work across industries that relies on low-wage labor (i.e. domestic workers, caregivers, back of house employees, etc.), women of color and immigrants have been particularly vulnerable to sexual violence. Our work to date has contributed to a significant discourse around a national museum on lynching; an overwhelmingly male space. The female analog to that—rape and sexual assault, which are too often hidden due to private settings - was recently brought to new attention by the film, The Rape of Recy Taylor. We know from our work on this film and with allies across movements of the many stories like Mrs. Taylor’s; stories of women who have been attacked precisely because they are perceived as lacking resources to fight back. We know also that there are stories, like hers, of courage and lessons from pursuing justice that can help to stem the violence so many women continue to face. We plan to collaborate on this project with a community of scholars and advocates, and to open new portals for academic and cultural focus.