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Strengthening the Sector

Political Mobilization of Black Sororities and Fraternities

Create a political operation around the Divine Nine, the black panhellenic system, which represents two million college educated, middle and upper middle class African Americans, primed to move on political engagement. We envision a joint venture with NAACP, but the possibility also exists to partner with other national leading African American organizations and voices.

Backing New Leaders of Color

Left of center, national, longstanding nonprofits have begun to be run by a new and younger generation, many of whom are people of color and many of whom are women. While these leaders have already begun to re-shape the progressive movement to meet today’s realities, many of them likely face added challenges to their leadership as people of color. We will convene new leaders of color cohort to support leaders in cross-movement change, and provide them with access to donors, and media and political leadership, that they may not otherwise individually have.