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USOW: How to Support Women Content Creators and Help the Shows You Want to See Stay on TV

  • Writer's Guild of America 7000 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA, 90048 United States (map)

Women make up the majority of the population in the U.S., but in TV and film account for 27% of producers and only 13% of writers and directors. The odds are stacked even higher against women of color, which is why we need to ensure that entertainment is truly inclusive both behind the camera and on TV.

Underground parking lot is accessible on Blackburn Ave.
Join Raben_Impact and the Writers Guild Foundation on Sunday, May 6th for a panel with industry showrunners and special guests, and a training that highlights tools and grassroots communications tactics to support women creators and promote the content they create.

The entertainment industry has enormous influence on how society views women and it must be proactive to 1) not embrace damaging portrayals of women and 2) promote empowering and positive images instead. This starts with an inclusive culture behind the scenes and in the workplace -- one that values the unique perspective of women. Unfortunately, harmful traditional power dynamics often come into play, historically placing more value on the perspective of the straight white men in the room. But its time is up, and together, we can help ensure gender equity in writers rooms and among audiences as well.

A portion of this training will provide insight and advice from successful women writers, directors, and showrunners about how to create diverse writers rooms, casts, and crews that are truly representative of the communities whose stories are being told. The culture change of “who is in the room and how they are treated” is equally as important as the on screen portrayal of characters, because they come to life on screen as an extension of the creative vision.

The second component of the training will focus on grassroots communications tactics and best practices that help support women showrunners. Audiences hold infinite power and when armed with organizing and communications tactics, can influence networks to keep investing in women and ensure that content with strong female leads (the content we want to see) stays on TV.

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