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Holding Power Accountable

Prosecutorial Misconduct

The legal profession’s approach to sanctioning its members who have behaved unethically is deeply flawed.  It is rooted in the premise that attorneys themselves are best suited to police the profession.  This premise puts the most vulnerable among us at an enormous disadvantage.  More often than not, parties themselves are left to uncover, raise, and demonstrate the seriousness of attorneys' misconduct.  Uncovering misconduct takes time and resources, neither of which are abundant for many individuals who are touched by the legal system.

It doesn't have to be like this. 

Through a public campaign, we seek to move the legal profession’s attitude toward discipline to one that (1) embraces a more regularized and automatic relationship between misconduct and sanction; (2) reduces the burden of demonstrating misconduct from litigants themselves; and (3) streamlines the process so that disciplinary proceedings do not stretch on for years or decades.