The arc of the moral universe might bend towards justice, but it is only compelled by the gravitational force of legions of committed human beings, fighting for what is right with determination and moral clarity.
— Robert Raben | President and Founder of The Raben Group


At Raben_Impact, we realize that every movement is different, but at the core of each is a shared set of steadfast values. With that understanding, we empower social change leaders from nonprofit organizations, foundations, corporations, and governments to achieve greater collective social impact. We connect social entrepreneurs with movement leaders, innovative strategy, resources, and opportunities. Raben_Impact:


Connects people and networks across movements and sectors in order to expand resources, support, and coordination for organizations and leaders.


Provides access to research, history, education, and training to intensify effectiveness, and grow movements;

Collaborates on change strategies and tactics to win policy and foster innovative social change;


Reimagines movements for the future and brings together unlikely allies to deepen impact.

We offer programs with movement leaders, workshops with experts that have grown and organized movements, and convenings to learn and strategize about where particular movements should go next.  Explore our upcoming events. 

Keep up with us on our blog, Impact_Thoughts, find out What We Love, and check out our My America Is video series featuring movement leaders sharing their hopes for our country.